Efficient Customer Acquisition and Retention Techniques for Online Casinos

Efficient Customer Acquisition and Retention Techniques for Online Casinos

Efficient Customer Acquisition and Retention Techniques for Online Casinos

Online casino revenue directly depends on the number of customers. The more people use services of the gambling platform, the higher the income the operator receives. For this reason, owners of the gambling business pay significant attention to customer acquisition and retention.

What role does the gambling content play in casino promotion? What marketing tools help to acquire traffic? Why is it important to pay lots of attention to the customer support service? Read further in the article.

Why should gambling content be of good quality and diverse?

Gambling content plays a significant role in online casino promotion. Most of the gamblers prefer platforms that use seamlessly functioning software. If the software lags, the user will not wait for the game to start working without failures. He will simply close the tab and search for another platform with robust software. Therefore, in order to attract new customers and make them stay on your website, you should integrate only trusted software solutions to your platform.

For service consumers, the assortment of available games is important. If you want to reach a vast audience, offer users various gambling entertainment. For example, you can add slots with three, five or more reels, as well as table and card games (poker, blackjack, roulette, etc.). Besides, casinos should offer games for both newbies, who prefer placing small bets, and highrollers, who love big stakes.

Currently, many companies in the gambling industry develop and supply software for online casinos. Some of them are Novomatic, 2WinPower, Slotegrator, Playtech. Their portfolio includes a wide diversity of games. They offer big jackpots and bounty loyalty programs.

You can read more about choosing an online casino software provider here.

Marketing tools

To promote business and attract customers, casino owners develop and realize large-scale advertising campaigns. Let us review what marketing tools help to get traffic in 2019.

Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs represent reward systems for customers. Participants get bonuses or prices for remaining loyal customers.

Casinos implement loyalty programs of different types. Some market players add points to customer accounts for activity on the website. The more time users spend on the gambling platform, the more points they will earn. Later users can exchange points for real money or some other reward, for example, free spins.

Other casinos offer programs that envisage the fulfillment of certain actions aimed to receive the status of a VIP player. Such status allows getting bigger bonuses.

If you want the loyalty program to bring positive results, make it available for everyone who registers on the casino website and becomes your customer.

Special offers and bonuses

Casinos can incentivize players beyond loyalty programs. Online casinos give bonuses for registration, first and/or subsequent deposits, participation in the game, referral of a friend, providing of the phone number. Presents are given on birthdays, different holidays, and important events.

As a bonus, gamblers are offered to place bets in unreal money or play free of charge.

Another incentive option is cashback when users get a certain percentage of lost money back.

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Affiliate marketing

Today affiliate marketing is considered one of the most efficient customer acquisition techniques. Here casinos act as advertisers and promote services through their own affiliate program or CPA networks.

In this online promotion technique, affiliates are responsible for driving traffic to the casino website. Usually, affiliates are owners of websites or blogs. Advertisers pay webmasters cash reward (a fixed amount or a certain percentage) if users click the affiliate link to the casino website and make some desired actions there (for example, fill in the registration form or make a deposit).

Thanks to affiliate marketing, the gambling operator can substantially grow the audience and increase revenue. This promotion technique helps to promote the brand and improves recognition.

CRM for an individual approach to customers

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are intended to automate customer interaction strategies. This software allows storing all consumer data and their website history.

In the gambling industry, CRM systems help to define player preferences and the amounts of money that users spend on gambling. This data is analyzed and according to findings, casinos can create customized offers for every player.

Email marketing

Newsletters allow retaining loyal customers and bringing back users that for some reasons stopped visiting the website. In emails, you can tell users about your products and services, special offers or promotions. To send out announcements, you can use your own customer base or a mailing list purchased on special services.

Customer support service

When users visit an online casino and play games of chance, they can face different questions and problems. For example, the gambler may encounter difficulties when he launches the game or tries to withdraw winnings. To resolve such issues, players should have the possibility to contact customer support at any time.

Companies can keep in touch with customers via email, by phone, chat on the website or messenger. The best option is to provide 24/7 customer support.

You can learn more about customer acquisition for land-based and online casinos at Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference.

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