“Corporate Style of the Casino Plays a Huge Role in Customer Acquisition,” Interview with Sofia Karapetyan from Eclipse

“Corporate Style of the Casino Plays a Huge Role in Customer Acquisition,” Interview with Sofia Karapetyan from Eclipse

“Corporate Style of the Casino Plays a Huge Role in Customer Acquisition,” Interview with Sofia Karapetyan from Eclipse

Casino promotion trends, efficient advertising techniques, and player acquisition techniques are the issues that we discussed with Sofia Karapetyan, the Head of Marketing at Eclipse Casino Batumi. Read more in the interview with the expert.

Sofia Karapetyan is a marketing specialist with 10 years of experience working at land-based and online casinos. She worked with such companies as Storm International, Shangri La Casino Tbilisi, Casinos Austria International, and Ambassadori Casino Tbilisi. Currently, she manages the marketing division at Eclipse Casino Batumi, one of the largest gambling houses in Georgia.

Interviewer: Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference (GiAC)
Respondent: Sofia Karapetyan (S.K.)

GiAC: Tell us about Eclipse Casino Batumi and your work there.

S.K.: Eclipse is a large entertainment center, which includes a casino, betting and poker clubs, restaurant and summer terrace in Batumi, Georgia. I work on this project since December 2017 as a Marketing Manager.

GiAC: What trends exist today in marketing and which things have lost relevancy?

S.K.: Most land-based casinos are managing social media, and as a part of this, Influencer Marketing becomes more and more popular. Influencers can be well-known celebrities, but more often they are Instagram or YouTube personalities with a huge following who can help spread the word about your casino. For Georgian casinos, the most effective influencers are travel bloggers from Turkey, Azerbaijan or Israel. It’s a plus, that you can advertise casino in countries, where it's prohibited to though influencers.

Concerning tools, that have lost relevancy, here I can mention lotteries for Tbilisi casinos, as prizes and prize funds are more or less the same among the competitors, and entertainment shows in Batumi because again same singers are presented on various stages. In both cases, guests cannot feel the special value of ongoing events.

GiAC: Tell us about efficient marketing tools that help to promote land-based gambling facilities.

S.K.: Digital advertisement becomes more and more relevant to catch up tourists, who just arrived or to keep your current customers updated. I’ve mentioned lotteries and entertainment shows before, despite the fact, that this kind of tools are losing their relevancy, they still work. Also, outdoor advertisement at certain target places works as before.

And of course, a personal approach to the customer is very important as well.

GiAC: Is it productive to promote land-based casinos on the Internet? What tools would you recommend to use for this purpose?

S.K.: Most visitors are going online to check the casinos before visiting them in a foreign country. Being found online is crucial and offers a great way to bring in new business.

Search engine optimization has a major impact on where you appear online when people search for venues, this is why it’s important to have a proper landing page for its further promotion.

GiAC: How should advertising materials (banner ads, texts, images, etc.) look like to attract new and retain loyal customers?

S.K.: In my opinion, it’s extremely important to give certain info on dates, events, games or prize funds, so the potential customer can plan the visit. And of course, corporate style plays a huge role, as it ensures that content distinguishes a brand from its competitors, and is cohesive.

GiAC: How does advertising in 2019 differ from advertising 5 years ago? What will it be in 5 years in your opinion?

S.K.: Unlike online casinos, land-based casinos choose “old-school” marketing techniques. At the same time, “digital marketing” develops so fast, that even land-based casinos use online advertisement more and more. In 5 years, we will have new platforms to advertise and new possibilities to combine land-based and online.

GiAC: What will you speak about at Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference?

S.K.: I will try to share the experience regarding analytics and marketing in gambling.

Sofia Karapetyan will make a presentation at the event dedicated to affiliate marketing and development of the gambling industry in Georgia on October 18.
Her report is titled “Gambling analytics and marketing for entrepreneurs. Best metrics for income growth”.

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