How to Launch Online Casino?

How to Launch Online Casino?

How to Launch Online Casino?

The development and introduction of online casinos into the market are hard and cost-based work. It supposes numerous stages. Obtaining a license and designing a website are not enough to run successful gambling business. You should also acquire appropriate software, develop an advertising campaign, and perform extensive work on traffic generation and brand awareness enhancement.

The article explains how to launch an online casino and start earning.

Online casino development: key stages

There are several ways to create a virtual gambling platform:

  • turnkey casino. Development of a gambling platform from scratch. A company fulfilling the order is responsible for website development, payment system and software integration, technical support of the resource, and even assistance in legal matters. Such services are expensive;
  • online casino franchise. This method allows setting up business promptly without red tape. However, it implies operations under the brand of the existing company. It prevents a franchisee from growing the project at its own discretion;
  • casino script. A gambling operator buys the script, software or a set of casino software, from a provider and install it on its server;
  • off-the-shelf casino. A range of software providers offers ready-to-use online casinos. These platforms can be limited in features. Their upgrade may require extra investments;
  • casino development on your own. It is a labor-consuming option. However, selecting it, you will be able to control the whole process personally, i.e. accepting decisions regarding platform functions, the list of available games, payment systems, etc.

Let’s examine core stages of casino independent development and launch.

License acquisition

You should obtain gambling activity documents in order not to enter the list of lawbreakers and to avoid penalties by supervisory authorities. The license should be received on the market you are aimed at. Besides, take into account that not all jurisdictions permit online gambling organization. For example, in Georgia, only entrepreneurs obtaining offline gambling permissions are allowed to launch online casinos.

The cost of licenses varies in different jurisdictions. Curacao gives it for 20,000-25,000 EUR. Georgia draws up a document on establishing a land-based venue for free if you are ready to wait approximately 20 days. If you want to obtain a permission for one day, you should pay 2000 GEL.

High-quality software purchase

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Reliable gambling software is one of the crucial parts of successful casinos. You should take a thorough approach to its selection. Currently, the market involves various developers and providers of online casino software: Microgaming, Betsoft Gaming, Playtech, EveryMatrix, etc. You’d better prefer providers offering licensed programs with seamless graphics and sound, and compatible with mobile devices.

Website development

There are several ways to develop a website:

  • creating an online resource on your own. You will require programming knowledge in this case;
  • addressing a web developer. Competent programmers and web designers can design a turnkey online portal. However, their work is rather expensive;
  • applying special construction services. Such platforms allow to develop websites without special knowledge and skills using a constructor or off-the-shelf templates. For example, uCoz, Wix, Weebly, and so on;
  • using Content Management System (CMS). This software allows to manage website content. Such systems include WordPress, 1С-Bitrix, Drupal, and others.

Payment and security systems

Payment systems allow players to refill their deposits and withdraw winnings into their personal accounts. The more services you integrate into your casino platform, the more transaction possibilities gamblers will have. Besides, they should be reliable and should ensure the high transaction speed.

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Security systems account for the safety of user personal data and money. To protect your clients, you should add security software units to your website and protect each transaction by 256-bit SSL encryption.

Online casino promotion

After creating and elaborating the gaming platform, you will face one of the most significant stages of the casino introduction into the market: promotion and customer acquisition. There are several methods for casino promotion and its traffic generation.

Affiliate programs

Nowadays, affiliate marketing is one of the most efficient ways of online casino promotion. Cooperation within affiliate programs is implemented as follows. Webmasters place advertising materials and affiliate links provided by online casinos on their websites. Partners receive the money reward when portal visitors click on links, go to the gambling platform using them, and/or conduct certain actions.

The gambling industry offers two main forms of collaboration between advertisers and webmasters:

  • Revenue Share. Casinos provide partners with a certain percentage of their income received from attracted clients;
  • СРА. Webmasters get the money reward for user actions on the casino website. For instance, when gamblers supplement the deposit or participate in the game.


SEO is a set of website optimization measures aimed at raising its positions in the search results. It is referred to the creation of portal structure, content optimization, building up of the external reference weight (publications on links to your website on third-party resources), etc. If work is accomplished properly, users will easily find your gambling platform by writing only key phrases and words in the search box.

Teaser advertising

It implies ads consisting of a catching headline, a vivid image, and a brief description announcement (not in all cases). They are designed to interest users and to encourage them to follow the link. To promote casinos in such a way, you can join teaser networks.

Social media

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One creates personal pages, groups, or communities on various social networks. They are regularly filled with high-quality content. Casino ads can also be placed on third-party pages. Such a promotion method is paid.


Note: Facebook and Instagram have forbidden casino advertising. Various specialists are inventing techniques for the circumvention of limitations. Nevertheless, sometimes it does not give the expected results and leads to account blocking.

Streaming and pre-rolls in videos

Broadcasting the game process in an online mode, you can attract interested users to your gambling platform. During streaming, potential casino customers can see platform’s offers and assess the quality of gaming content.

As to pre-rolls (commercial spots in videos), it is better to place them on websites for movies and serials.

Email newsletters

Gambling operators send advertising informational letters to engaged users. The necessary contact base can be elaborated on your own or bought.

Offline advertising

It is better to promote online casino services offline in specialized venues (if it is not banned by local legislation): Internet clubs, hotels, bars, and so on. You can use conventional leaflets, business cards or banners as advertising materials.

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