iGaming Website SEO: Presentation by Sviatoslav Slaboshpitskiy from Digital Choo

iGaming Website SEO: Presentation by Sviatoslav Slaboshpitskiy from Digital Choo

What are the special features of iGaming website SEO? This issue will be revealed on October 18 at Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference by Sviatoslav Slaboshpitskiy, Head of SEO at Digital Choo (DC).

The speaker will make a presentation: The Art of War in SEO: How to Win the iGaming Niche.

Key points:

  • the best improvisation is a prepared one;
  • the formation of an army: team structure and functions;
  • reconnaissance in battle: creation of marker websites;
  • carpet bombing: mass production of sites;
  • the sniper's work: selection and development of successful websites.

Sviatoslav Slaboshpitskiy is a SEO specialist. He has been working in this sector for over 10 years. He has experience in successfully launching and conducting projects in 25 countries, in 13 languages. The speaker has managed teams of up to 70+ specialists.

Currently, Sviatoslav is the Head of SEO at the international marketing agency Digital Choo (DC). He is responsible for the strategic development of SEO, creating optimization strategies, and solving complex problems to effectively achieve results.

Choo is an agency with deep expertise in gaming and extensive experience in a wide range of other categories. Its portfolio includes successful advertising campaigns for Parimatch, Yourbet online casino, FOOTBOOM online portal, and many others. DC will be a sponsor of badges and bags at Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference.

You can examine the full program of the event here ►►►

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