Georgian Gambling Operators Filled the Budget in Tbilisi with $11.9 mn

Georgian Gambling Operators Filled the Budget in Tbilisi with $11.9 mn

In the first half of 2019, gambling operators increased Tbilisi’s treasury by 35 million GEL, equivalent to $11.9 million. It is indicated in the budget activity account of the Georgian capital.

Over the first six months of the current year, gambling business has provided Tbilisi’s treasury with 35 million 481 thousand GEL. The majority of this sum is accounted for tax liabilities from slot machines. In general, a percentage ratio of budget proceeds is the following:

  • 59.4% (21 mn GEL) from slot machines;
  • 31.2% (11 mn GEL) is provided by tax liabilities from table games;
  • 9.5% (3.3 mn GEL) is attributed to the rest gambling areas.

Therefore, the budget plan of the Georgian capital over the past period has been fulfilled by 101.4%. Besides, it is not yet the maximum figure: in comparison with the previous year, the performance is still lack of 3.3 mn GEL.

Note that Tbilisi is the most popular Georgian city for foreigners who are fond of gambling travelling. It boasts the most successful gambling venues: Shangri La, Iveria, Adjara, and Ambassadori.

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