How to Buy Turnkey Online Casinos and What Are Their Advantages

How to Buy Turnkey Online Casinos and What Are Their Advantages

How to Buy Turnkey Online Casinos and What Are Their Advantages

You can launch your own gambling facility and start making money in two ways: by developing a casino on your own or by using the turnkey solution. What companies focus on the development of gambling sites and how to buy a readymade online casino? Read in our material.

How to develop a casino on your own

For the start, let’s find out whether it is possible to develop a casino on your own and how demanding this process is in terms of money and time. Before you open a business in any field, it is important to run a comparative analysis of competitors. It is a good idea to turn to corresponding specialists for this purpose. After defining the gambling niche, the owner of the future online casino should accurately calculate the project’s budget at least for a month ahead.

In percentage ratio, expenditures will look as follows:

  • registration of the company – 5%;
  • license acquisition – 30%;
  • purchase of software – 30%;
  • recruiting – 20%;
  • other expenses – 15%.

Prices for online casino licenses range from $10,000 to $50,000 in different jurisdictions. Besides, time is needed to get the official document. Moreover, you need to develop a casino website and buy corresponding software. For those who want to open an online casino quickly and without big investments, there is a white label solution – a purchase of a turnkey gambling site.

What is a white label?

A white label service is a kind of partnership where a large company creates and provides others with its products, and a smaller company realizes them under its brand. It is a popular type of collaboration and making money abroad and in the CIS lately.

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When you buy a turnkey online casino, you do not need to buy software, develop a website, and hire a team of marketers for promotion, as the turnkey solution includes all these items. It happens according to the next scheme: a well-known company develops a turnkey gambling site for a percentage of the future revenue, publishes it, promotes, advertises among its projects and shares a number of customers. Such a service gives a possibility for an easy start in the gambling industry and further separation into a standalone company.

A turnkey casino includes:

  • a license;
  • readymade website;
  • trusted software;
  • popular slots;
  • connected payment systems;
  • technical support;
  • customer base.

Such a way of purchasing a readymade online casino allows you not to spend time on licensing and development, and to focus on business development instead.

Advantages of white label

Both parties of the white label partnership get significant benefits and revenue. It helps the customer willing to launch an online casino to save money and time. For example, there is no need to acquire a license.

At the same time, the producer gets a percentage from the customer does not spend time and money to promote its products, and can focus on new business cases. It is a win-win situation for both parties of the deal.

Other ways to get a readymade online casino

There are several options that will allow you to get a readymade online casino and start operations straight away.

Setting up from scratch. People willing to open an online gambling business can save time by ordering a unique casino from the third-party company. Firms that provide such services take on all stages, from license acquisition to website development.

Franchise. This method of business management is popular not only in the gambling field – entrepreneurs actively use it in commerce, restaurant business, food industry. A franchise implies the use of the well-known brand, under which the casino owner will promote his or her website. One has to follow the terms and conditions of the franchise and not to violate them.

Buying a casino script. A script is a part of the code integrated into the online casino. In fact, it is a base that one can adapt to the needs of the brand.

Where to order the development of online casino

Today there is a number of companies that offer the service of making turnkey casinos. Some of them have become widely known and made a good name for themselves.

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Slotegrator. The company successfully creates and supports online casino platforms, bitcoin casinos, software, and suits of popular slots. It uses high-quality software and ensures marketing support of the new business.

Softswiss. Its portfolio includes 40 successfully realized projects. Services include license acquisition, software integration, website development, updates, technical support, and many other things.

Casexe. The company offers white label partnership. A standard service package includes high-quality content, as Casexe works with the best slots suppliers in the world.

SoftGamings. The firm has been operating in the market for 12 years, offering partners a wide range of games, a possibility to choose from different settings, connected payment systems, etc. It provides partners with the latest system updates weekly.


To open your own online casino, you need to invest a certain sum of money in this business, spend time on market analysis and license acquisition. A turnkey casino solution can help startupers to begin operations quickly having the support of a well-known company and saving money on license acquisition and search for customers. This is a good option for the start in the gambling industry that gives a possibility to acquire the license and establish a standalone company in the future.

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