How Do Casino Affiliate Programs Work?

How Do Casino Affiliate Programs Work?

How Do Casino Affiliate Programs Work?

New technologies open up different new customer engagement techniques. An affiliate program is a platform where online casinos can find a webmaster to advertise their services. Such collaboration is beneficial for all parties – advertisers grow revenue and participants of affiliate programs make a good and stable profit.

Like land-based casinos, online platforms make an income from active users. Any online casino is interested to attract as many new players as possible by any legal means and an affiliate program is one of them.

Why do affiliate programs enjoy so much of popularity today? Read in the article about the notion of affiliate programs, why they are considered a beneficial marketing tool, and how a webmaster can choose an affiliate program correctly.

Who participates in affiliate programs?

Two parties work on the offer – an advertiser (operator, owner of the offer) and an affiliate (arbitrage specialist, webmaster). The advertiser is the person that creates the digital product with the intention to sell it. In our case, we are talking about an online casino.

What are the advantages of affiliate programs for online casinos?

The main advantage for the casino is simple: affiliates attract maximally engaged customers to the online platform. Besides, the casino wins the possibility to focus on casino management rather than customer acquisition. To some extent, online casino affiliate programs can be considered an outsourcing technique for marketing.

Advantages for the affiliate are also very clear: he receives money reward for every brought player. This means that affiliates can join the lucrative world of gambling without the necessity to undergo the time-consuming process of casino management.

The following things can be considered disadvantages of affiliate marketing (for webmasters):

  • time may be required to generate traffic (and correspondingly to make a profit);
  • bad affiliate referral may ruin your authority. It is important to choose a high-quality service for collaboration to avoid this;
  • some affiliate programs do not pay or lower payouts, although there are ways to check it and choose reliable affiliate programs;
  • the competition is high in this field;
  • it is difficult to get information about the target audience. Your statistics will allow you to find out the number of sold products. But in most cases, you will have no information as to who made the purchase, which complicates further work with the target audience.

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Types of affiliate programs for online casinos

To make the work with the affiliate program maximally efficient, you need to study the participation terms thoroughly.

There are two main types of programs:

  1. CPL (Cost-Per-Lead)model implies a one-time deal. Affiliates get a reward for every customer they bring to (signs up with) the casino. When they receive the commission, their work on the offer is over. The customer does not have to spend money at the casino. This process is also called lead generation.
  2. CPA (Cost-Per-Action) models are more comprehensive. In the CPA payment model, the webmaster gets a certain reward for every brought gambler. However, it may have unprofitable conditions, for example, for the webmaster to get paid, the player has to make a deposit within 12 months.

The income in the CPA model is the percentage of the purchase price of every advertised product. Besides, rewards are paid for certain player actions such as clicking on the link, filling in the registration form, subscription, etc.

Apart from these two models, there are many other affiliate payment methods including:

  • PPC or pay per click;
  • PPV or pay per view;
  • PPS or pay per sale;
  • PPL or pay per lead.

For example, participants of the Amazon affiliate program get a percentage of every purchase made after the user followed the affiliate link. iTunes and Apple affiliate programs rely on a similar principle.

Besides, Facebook is launching an affiliate program for independent specialists in targeted advertising called Facebook Marketing Consultants.

According to the program, verified consultants will provide technical support – setting up pixels, product catalogs, or dynamic advertising.

Types of ads common for affiliate programs:

  • banner and teaser ads – photo or video ads containing information about the product or service;
  • search boxes – are good when you need to collect data about visitors quickly: a search box is placed on the affiliate website and the visitor can enter personal data without going to the advertiser website;
  • links – direct links to the advertiser website placed by webmasters;
  • widgets – graphical elements that carry information about the advertiser website.


Most of the online casino affiliate programs have a KPI meaning that they do not want to pay for brought players that are not interested in this field.

For this reason, some programs do not risk paying for user registration (CPL). Instead, users should make a deposit (CPA) and fulfill the requirement connected with bets. This means that upon joining the casino users have to spend a certain amount of money before the affiliate gets the reward. For example, the user has to register and place bets on the total amount of not less than $100 and only then the affiliate will get the reward.

Besides, there is a kind of intermediate KPI format between CPL and CPA, when the user has to register and make a deposit and afterward the affiliate gets the first payout. And if the user makes a $100 bet later, the affiliate will get an additional bonus.

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