“Content Is the Key to Success”, Founder and CEO of Serpact Nikola Minkov

“Content Is the Key to Success”, Founder and CEO of Serpact Nikola Minkov

“Content Is the Key to Success”, Founder and CEO of Serpact Nikola Minkov

Founder and CEO of Serpact Nikola Minkov discussed the importance of content in SEO and performance efficiency in today's realities in the interview for Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference.

Over the last seven years, Nikola closed over 700 SEO projects throughout the world. The main services provided by his SEO agency include page audits and their integration, as well as building content marketing strategies. This year, Serpact and Efirbet won the prestigious European Search Awards.

Interviewer: Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference (GiAC)
Respondent: Nikola Minkov (N.М.)

GiAC: Tell us about the operations of Serpact. Who are your main customers?

N.М.: Our focus is on niches related to services. We have clients for carpet cleaning in London, water damage restoration in San Francisco, law companies and many more.

GiAC: Serpact and Efirbet have become the winners at European Search Awards 2019. How much effort did you apply to win?

N.М.: For two years, we invested over 2000 hours of work, and I would define this sports betting niche as highly competitive and difficult. It is definitely very dynamic and we have to make major content changes almost every week because every bookmaker adds new services and extras and this makes this market so dynamic.

GiAC: What SEO methods do you think to be keynote? Please, advise relevant SEO tools.

N.М.: Since 2016, our team is of the opinion that the most important is content. This is the key to success. It is important that it be tailored to the user, as we create content to ask ourselves the question: Can this article solve the problem of users completely and for how long? We do not want to waste the time of the users, so I think the structure of a page and its user experience is extremely important.

We use many SEO tools, like SEMrush, Ahrefs, Majestic, DeepCrawl, OnCrawl and we owned two tools about content analysis and technical SEO.

GiAC: How to build an efficient affiliate marketing strategy?

N.М.: To be effective nowadays, it is not enough to work hard. You have to be honest with your partners, and this is often forgotten. Anyone around the business, even the bank employee, can be a partner because every problem created results in a series of others.

GiAC: What will you speak about at Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference?

N.М.: At the conference, I will present a case study for efirbet.com, the project we won European Search Awards with, for the first time.

On October 18, join Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference to learn more about the success of Serpact and Efirbet. Nikola will dwell on details in his presentation.

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