Advertising of Casino Games in Georgia: Peculiarities and Subtleties

Advertising of Casino Games in Georgia: Peculiarities and Subtleties

Advertising of Casino Games in Georgia: Peculiarities and Subtleties

Georgia is a quite convenient and profitable place for opening a casino and many operators have evaluated this advantage. How to stand out among them? Which form of advertising suits this region most of all? Read further in the article.

Georgian gambling market: main highlights

Free Industrial Zones (FIZs) of Georgia are some of the most progressive economic zones in former and current CIS countries. For example, Kutaisi FIZ, located in the city of the same name, has already gained the reputation of the economic center of the jurisdiction despite the short period of existence (opened in 2015).

Currently, 50 operators provide services in the gambling market of Georgia; their revenue is growing year by year. For example, the gambling business turnover reached 137.5 billion rubles in 2017.

The biggest number of facilities is located in Batumi now – 11 and 4 of them have hotel rooms. Besides, five facilities are found in Tskaltubo and three more in Tbilisi. Overall, there are three gambling clubs in the country, around 70 slot machine parlors, over a hundred betting houses, fifty lotto and lottery facilities.

Advertising of casino games in Georgia

In February of 2019, Georgian authorities reviewed the possibility of the legislative interference in the gambling field. However, according to data as of April 5, 2019, the Georgian parliament has not changed the placement rules for the gambling ads in Georgia.

According to planned changes, ads of casino games could not be placed within 200 meters from religious, children’s, educational, or medical facilities, cultural and sports organizations. There were also plans that gambling ads would be banned on television, radio, the Internet, and other communication media. However, only 42 deputies instead of the minimum required number of 63 supported the draft law.

Currently, advertising of casino games is officially allowed in Georgia. But how to advertise them online?

How to advertise casino games online

Today there is a great number of gambling platforms and new online casinos keep opening. Let’s find out what advertising tools are available for online casinos and which ones suit the Georgian market most of all.

Advertising on social media

Social media marketing includes writing posts and generation of photo and video content. Besides, social media act as communication platforms where visitors can talk to each other and the operator directly. Moreover, social media allow informing customers about special offers, new slots, and important events.

Search engine optimization

SEO also remains an efficient advertising tool. It allows bringing the platform to the top of search engine results and attracting gambling traffic.

One can advertise online casinos through search engines using display networks – tools that help to find new customers. Contextual ad service is another tool that shows ads relevant to user interests.

Affiliate programs

Today there are many affiliate programs intended for the gambling business – an operator just needs to register with one of them and choose the most suitable pricing.

A link to the online casino is placed on the affiliate website. When a user follows the link and starts playing, the affiliate gets the reward for advertising.

Email marketing

In email marketing, the casino operator sends newsletters to all subscribers. One should not confuse this type of advertising with spam, as emails are sent only to interested users in this case.


Streaming (online broadcasting) can help to attract the audience. In streams, the operator shows how one can interact with a good or service. A high-quality stream will introduce players to the capabilities of the platform and will help to collect feedbacks.

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