Ads of Affiliate Programs and Their Types

Ads of Affiliate Programs and Their Types

Ads of Affiliate Programs and Their Types

Working with a trusted affiliate program, one can significantly increase income, but revenue depends not only on conditions of the offer. The key to successful work is to choose right platforms and the most efficient ad types. What kind of materials are used for this purpose?

How do affiliate programs work

An affiliate program is one of the simplest options that allows making money on the Internet and a common tool of digital marketing. Affiliate programs are used to promote online stores and casinos, to popularize goods and services. To work with an affiliate program, you need to have basic knowledge and understanding of promotion principles. Usually, you do not need your own website (as you can work with third-party platforms).

The principle of collaboration with an affiliate platform is as follows: after joining the program, you have to place ads on your or third-party resources. Depending on conditions of the offer, payouts are made in exchange for some action related to the link (click, registration, or purchase). The efficiency of ads depends on:

  • platform;
  • right assessment of the target audience;
  • choice of ad materials.

One can choose the most beneficial conditions of the offer, find an ideal platform for ad placement with a numerous target audience, but it will not bring the desired result if you do not choose appropriate ads.

Ad types

Marketing strategy is important for any affiliate program and especially in the gambling field. Promotional materials have to draw attention, catch interest, but at the same time, they should not be obtrusive and annoying for the user. Besides, it is important to choose an optimal ad type depending on the platform for placement. What types of promotional materials exist and how to use them right?

Banner ads. Traditional and the most popular type of ads for people that work with gambling affiliate programs. They are graphics ads that draw the attention of customers and increase brand awareness.

Banner ads fall into:

  • static;
  • dynamic.

Dynamic ads take more space and have bigger weight, but they are colorful and can contain more information than static ads. Besides, gif or flash banners allow using extra capabilities to attract attention (imitation of a moving cursor, highlighting).

Using banners, you need to take into account rules of placing ads on platforms (sizes, conditions), check whether they are readable on smartphones, and update promotional materials from time to time. It is important to remember that popup banner ads are usually low-efficiency and annoy users.

Links. The simplest and most affordable type of ad materials used in all types of affiliate programs to advertise both online stores and casinos. Links work on completely different platforms such as social media, themed websites, forums, and advertising articles.

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Links fall into several types:

  • direct links to the seller page;
  • links to top product categories;
  • links to special offers;
  • links to certain products and services.

One has to adhere to the rules of the platform in the process of link placement. For example, Instagram allows placing them only in the profile of the ad’s author.

One of the most popular options of ad link placement is themed articles and reviews on well-known platforms. Content should be positive but not too advertising in order to gain readers’ trust. Besides, you should take into account the unicity of the text and remember about keywords for search engines.

Photos and videos

Promotion through photos and videos is handy not for all platforms but rather efficient. This ad type is widely used on specialized resources such as Instagram and YouTube. Besides, everything depends on the general theme of the affiliate program. For example, there are no problems in the promotion of goods and services of online stores. Whereas, video and photo content may be banned in the gambling field.

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Casino affiliate programs provide a possibility to use such promo type as the integration of free demo games. Thanks to them, a potential customer can try out an interesting slot machine without visiting the website, and later go to the advertiser resource and place a bet.

Widgets include any embedded interactive programs that give the user a possibility to interact with content directly. This ad type is considered a native tool.

Working with a betting offer, it is handy and beneficial to embed widgets showing current odds. Usually, affiliate programs offer codes of such tools, but webmasters and affiliates can create them on their own.

Extended links

A type of ads embedded to the affiliate website that pull in information from the advertiser website. This type of promo is interesting because it does not require updates – the code of the extended link takes the new information from the affiliate website on its own.

Such tools are used to view the list of products, to advertise sites that sell tickets.

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Subtleties of work with ad materials

Trusted and reputable affiliate programs offer a great choice of promo materials. They can be readymade ad products, templates for their creation, or a possibility to make a customized solution for the affiliate. Original ad materials should be adapted to geo traffic: Russian-language ads – for RuNet, English-language ads – for foreign traffic.

Unique and creative content, which you can order from the affiliate program or develop on your own, allows bringing the biggest number of real customers. To generate efficient ad materials, you can turn to programmers, designers, specialists in photography, picture editors. Funds invested in high-quality ad materials usually pay off.

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