Roman Manuylov from ALFALEADS: I Will Explain How to Get Plenty of High-Quality Traffic and Not to Lose Money

Roman Manuylov from ALFALEADS: I Will Explain How to Get Plenty of High-Quality Traffic and Not to Lose Money

Why do website clone apps arouse mistrust among users? How does the mobile optimization affect your sales? These and other relevant issues are answered by Roman Manuylov, Chief Marketing Officer and PR at ALFALEADS, in an interview with Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference.

Interviewer: Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference (GIAC)
Respondent: Roman Manuylov (R.M.)

KIAC: What is the specific nature of app traffic operations?

R.M.: Most importantly, users should feel that they visit not a website clone but an app. It enhances the credibility. It is also significant to perform a great deal of ASO so that an app can obtain free traffic and enter the top list of search results. Search traffic, particularly from Google Play Market or App Store, is of the highest quality.

GIAC: Why these platforms are so good?

R.M.: That’s simple. People look for a required product on their own and are satisfied when finding it. There is no need to reassure them using advertising.

Besides, app landing is optimized quite well and is designed to reduce the amount of registration steps as much as possible. This allows redirecting users to the website faster. By the way, I would like to mention that push notifications and funnels help to improve traffic and enable additional deposits.

GIAC: Why platform optimization for mobile traffic and WebView is so important?

R.M.: WebView optimization is crucial. Entering an app and seeing a website interface, users feel that one wants to deceive them. It looks like tricking out of customers’ money. Wecan’tdowithouttrust. Having no trust, people won’t put their money into any platform.

At the same time, optimized apps are much convenient. Let’s remember App Store apps. iPhone does not have a return button and does not allow entering the previous app page. To enter the necessary page again, you should shut off the app and open it once more. It causes inconvenience.

GIAC: How do you engage affiliates in your CPA network?

R.M.: We offer the best rates. ALFALEADS has a lot of offers, large ad buys, and high-quality expertise because we deal with traffic. We share our experience with partners by revealing news and holding events. We also try to take an individual approach to all partners, as our profits are interrelated: their earnings are our earnings as well.

GIAC: What are you going to tell guests at Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference?

R.M.: I will explain how to get plenty of high-quality traffic and not to lose money while promoting products via affiliate networks. We will discuss how CPA networks are designed and how they earn money. I will provide useful tips for webmasters and best practices of offer promotion using events.

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