Top 6 Main Successful Trends in Online Gambling 2019

Top 6 Main Successful Trends in Online Gambling 2019

Top 6 Main Successful Trends in Online Gambling 2019

The revenue of the online gambling industry will reach $1 trillion by 2021 – that is what analysts of Juniper Research think. The competition in the rapidly growing industry will be strong: to survive, online casino owners have to keep up with the edgy market services. Which of them will manage to attract more customers in 2019?

Standard player acquisition and retention techniques remain the same: a reputable license, reliable hosting, many popular slots (Microgaming, Betsoft, Endorphina, NetEnt), loyalty programs, jackpots, live games. Besides, new trends appear in the gambling industry, without which an online casino may find it difficult to occupy the top positions.

1. New online gambling markets

The geography of gambling and online casino popularity will be expanding. This year, experts forecast growth in such regions as Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe. The development of the gambling industry will be facilitated by the active integration of innovations in different areas of life, the Internet accessibility through smartphones, and new introductions in the legislation. Important processes will be taking place in Eastern Europe, especially it relates to the legislative industry – standalone countries are already bringing their legal field to conformity with the EU standards. They are the Czech Republic, Romania, and Poland, among others.

According to forecasts of PwC, the gambling and online casino sector will be developing in the African region as well. For example, its revenue share will equal around $1.2 billion in the Republic of South Africa. It is also worth paying attention to Asia, where gambling is legalized in certain parts of the country. One of such countries is Japan, where the gambling regulatory authority will start working in July. Investors may also find other countries attractive, where online gambling is legal, such as Kazakhstan,
the Philippines, and Georgia.

2. Online casino in Telegram

Operators and players revealed the advantages of online Telegram casino last year and now this way of accessing gambling is getting more and more popular. Such well-known messengers as WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, and Telegram are very convenient in use and simplify gambling online even with a poor Internet connection (for example, using a mobile phone). Thanks to its secure communication links, Telegram enjoys most of the popularity, having released the first bot for accessing the casino.

The bot helps gambling platforms to support indirect connection with players in any country. In fact, it acts as an intermediary that transfers signals from the customer to the platform and vice versa. All game algorithms are inherent to the casino platform, and the player gets the access to slots and the possibility to act using the commands in chat, which is convenient in the regions where gambling traffic is blocked. Telegram allows making a deposit, placing a bet, choosing any slots and games, withdrawing funds quickly and seamlessly.

Distinctive features:

  • player anonymity;
  • availability in any country;
  • the low requirement to network speed;
  • no advertising;
  • secure communication links.

The availability of the Telegram casino version influences the audience gain and attracts players from different regions of the world. Besides, it significantly simplifies the game process and facilitates market development.

3. Advantages of mobile casinos

Carrying favorite games, books, and music in the pocket is getting common for the modern person that uses all the benefits of a mobile device. This relates to online casino players as well, who value comfort and quick access to popular slots.

Top operators develop two versions of gambling platforms – for computers and portable devices (smartphones, tablets). Portable devices have become so powerful that users usually find it more convenient to open the mobile version of a casino that allows trying luck and winning a jackpot from any place. It significantly speeds up the gambling market growth and increases player engagement.

According to Rosloto, the number of players that prefer mobile versions of casinos grew by 37% in 2018 as compared to 2017. In 2019, this market segment will stay relevant similarly to live games.

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4. VR and live casino are on trend

The main goal of online casino owners is to attract and keep players on their platform using engaging games and the chance to win a jackpot. The virtual reality technology helps to make offerings more realistic, provide customers with the full immersion in the process. VR games are already created by such companies as Microgaming, Novomatic, NetEnt. Augmented reality has a similar effect using holograms that help to reach the presence effect of being in the gambling house.

Besides, live casinos remain on trend. Combination of the VR technology and live casino can bring online platforms even closer to the atmosphere of land-based casinos and attract even more players. Many well-known market players such as Microgaming offer live casinos with live dealer games. Live casinos give players an excellent opportunity to immerse in the game in real time interacting with a real host, which increases the trust level. The most popular live games are roulette and poker that attract players with a possibility to win a jackpot relatively quickly.

5. Blockchain for gambling

Thanks to the blockchain technology, transactions are run quickly and their security grows, which increases the interest of online casino owners in the technology. Besides, blockchain-based monetary transactions are anonymous and require no intermediaries such as banks or exchanges, which is beneficial for gamblers.

Moreover, gambling projects and startups can raise investments through ICOs. It is a rather efficient method to make a name even for small companies and to start activities in the online gambling market. Potential players pay attention to the offer at the stage of fundraising and can purchase tokens of the future online casino.

6. Networking as a factor of industry development

Search for new partners, resources, contractors, and employers is important for any business and gambling is not an exception. Business communication helps companies to develop more productively and quicker, monitor market trends more efficiently, understand competitors better. Networking is all about personal communication with potential investors, customers, public officials.

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The simplest way to build connections and make useful acquaintances in the gambling business is to participate in themed conferences and exhibitions. Industry events usually gather a great number of industry representatives interested in new contacts. Back in 2012, the exhibition area of the world-renowned ICE was 22,500 square meters, and in 2019, its area reached 45,500 square meters (due to the increase in the number of exhibitors).

No less important are the regional conferences dedicated to online gambling and casinos in certain countries. Their participants can expect purposeful communication and handling of issues related to their activities in a certain region.


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