Affiliate Marketing: Online Casinos

Affiliate Marketing: Online Casinos

Affiliate Marketing: Online Casinos

A lot of gambling platforms are operating on the market now. The core task of all online casinos in a highly competitive environment is to attract new customers. One of the most efficient tools is affiliate marketing. It allows iGaming platforms to generate traffic, enhance brand awareness, and increase revenues. What does affiliate marketing mean? What are its features and advantages? These issues are revealed in the article.

Affiliate marketing: what is it and for whom?

Affiliate marketing is a way of online resource promotion. Using such a tool, a gambling platform is an advertiser. It provides affiliates (partners) with unique links. Webmasters place them on their own websites and receive a money reward when users click on them, enter the advertiser’s resource, and /or conduct certain actions on the portal.

A form of cooperation between service providers and affiliates is called an affiliate program. Its participants can include:

  • owners of websites, blogs, and/or YouTube channels;
  • webmasters;
  • bloggers;
  • traffic arbitrage specialists;
  • active Internet users.

There are three types of affiliate websites:

  • attracting advertisers on their own conditions;
  • directly participating in affiliate programs;
  • entering СРА networks.

A range of casinos has its own affiliate programs. Such online platforms involve webmasters on their own. Other gambling resources apply to affiliate networks for affiliate marketing services. Affiliate networks mean services uniting several affiliate programs. They are a liaison between customers and webmasters. Platforms provide a wide choice of offers and dispense webmasters from searching for advertisers.

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How partners promote casinos

Webmasters promoting gambling platforms publish advertising materials on their websites. Some of them use banners, text, photo, and video materials provided by the affiliate program; others develop their own content.

Affiliate casino websites frequently represent entertainment resources. They publish gambling news, success stories, specialized articles, etc. Sometimes they apply banners encouraging users to a certain action: play a game of chance or deposit money. The only thing that matters is the affiliate website being full of quality content catching the interest of users and giving them an impetus to enter the casino portal.

Partners’ earnings

Affiliates obtain income for online casino traffic driving. There are several options of collaboration in the advertiser – partner format:

  • Revenue Share. Webmasters receive a percentage of the online casino profit generated by attracted clients. Experienced partners can expect up to 50% of the fee from gambling resource’s revenues.
  • СРА. Advertisers pay affiliates for a certain action made by users following the affiliate link. For instance, registering on the website, subscribing to the newsletter, refilling a deposit, participating in the game of chance. The money reward is stipulated in advance.
  • Mixed model. Casinos provide partners with both a percentage of their income and a fixed sum for each new customer.

One more way to earn is to participate in multi-level affiliate programs. Webmasters get additional profit when involving other specialists in the program.

Pros and cons of affiliate marketing

Online casino promotion using affiliate marketing is beneficial to gambling business owners and webmasters.

Affiliate program advantages for advertisers are the following:

  • the increasing amount of clients. The more partners are attracted, the greater probability of more users joining the platform;
  • higher revenues;
  • appropriate expenditures. Partners are paid only for the results;
  • time savings. Business owners do not have to waste their time on platform promotion. This task belongs to skilled professionals;
  • brand communications. Placing gambling platform ads on various resources, you improve its recognition;
  • outcome control. Online casino platforms usually have an affiliate module allowing to manage affiliate programs. Such software helps to monitor what websites generate better traffic. Monitoring this data, you can define the most efficient advertising techniques.

Affiliate program advantages for affiliates:

  • the absence of investments. Participation in affiliate programs is free. Partners do not have to invest in the production/acquisition of your own goods;
  • high profit. Partners can earn thousands of dollars;
  • you should not invest in the development of advertising concept. Advertisers frequently provide partners with all necessary promotional materials: banners, articles, images;
  • passive income. You relax, while users keep following partner links, increasing your revenues;
  • remote work and flexible hours. Affiliates can independently plan their working time. What they need to promote casinos using affiliate marketing is a PC or a smartphone with Internet access.

Despite all the advantages, affiliate marketing has a range of disadvantages. Downsides for webmasters include:

  • unsteady earnings. If affiliates fail to drive website traffic, their work won’t be paid;
  • strong competition;
  • fraudulent employers. Affiliates can face customers who do not pay promised fees.

Affiliate program gaps for advertisers:

  • considerable expenses. Online casino owners spend huge budgets on affiliates’ fees and organization of affiliate program operations;
  • unfair partners. Sometimes promoting online resources, webmasters use advertising that negatively affects the venue reputation.

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Where to find
result-orientated affiliates?

The Internet is full of numerous gambling websites. You can place information about your affiliate program there. It will help to engage new affiliates searching for advantageous offers.

Another efficient method for finding potential partners is to participate in specialized events. Events dedicated to gambling and affiliate marketing will allow you to talk to iGaming industry players, introduce your products to them, and offer cooperation.

Take a responsible approach to the search for affiliates. To interest them in collaboration, you should offer bonuses and high fees. It will help to involve experienced webmasters able to produce better traffic in the advertising campaign.

How to organize your
own affiliate program?

You can design an affiliate program on your own using special services or rely on programmers. The latter will be expensive if you need a high-quality and seamless service. Note: a platform should be robust and user-friendly for both operators and webmasters.

As to the affiliate program control, you can initially develop a platform with a corresponding affiliate module. The second way is to integrate the online platform with off-the-shelf software.

It is better to entrust the adjustment and management of the affiliate program to professionals so that it functions correctly.

The next step in organizing your own affiliate program is the development of promotional materials and unique links for partners. Advertising should be unique and creative in order to catch user attention.

The final stage is the promotion of the affiliate program on the Internet. You can announce its launch on social media, on your website, and on third-party specialized resources, or using email newsletters.


Online casino promotion using affiliate marketing requires lots of affiliates’ time and huge investments on behalf of advertisers. If gambling platforms and webmasters treat their activity responsibly, both parties will benefit from such cooperation: affiliates will be able to earn well, and casinos will expand their customer database and multiply the capital.

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