Tools for player acquisition to an online casino

Tools for player acquisition to an online casino

Tools for player acquisition to an online casino

According to Coherent Market Insights, the global gambling market amounted to $46.9 billion in 2017. Analysts predict that this figure will grow by 11.4% up to 2026. Based on information of Conversion, the online casino market increased by $4.81 billion in 2018. One expects $4.36 billion in 2019. At the same time, experts believe that the performance will be better year by year, while the Web will offer a greater amount of new gambling resources.

To improve and expand business amid severe competition, casino owners conduct advertising customer acquisition campaigns. What traffic generation tools do online casinos apply? What user engagement methods are the most efficient in 2019? These issues are revealed in the article.

Online casino promotion: must-know tips

A marketing campaign implemented by virtual gambling platforms aims to solve three crucial tasks:

  • attraction of new users;
  • retention of regular clients;
  • return of casino players who have stopped using its services.

Traffic generation is a core goal for online resources. The more users join the website, the more money casinos earn.

Tools for the online casino player acquisition are diverse. They all have special features. Let’s examine in detail the most efficient traffic obtaining methods.

Special offers

Special offers are intended to encourage players to act: sign up, refill a deposit, and participate in the game. They are frequently used to enhance cross sales. For example, users preferring slots can take an interest in sports betting promotions.

Special offers are a common phenomenon when launching new gambling products. In such cases, users are offered to take part in a game of chance and receive free spins or another reward.

Currently, the most popular and alluring promotions are the following:

  • free games. Casinos allow users to participate in a gambling game without real money;
  • bonuses. Casinos provide customers with free spins, while betting shops give free bets on sports events. Deposit rewards also intrigue users. It can be bonuses for registration, deposit refilling, involvement of other users;
  • cashback. Clients receive back some money lost in a casino;
  • Frequent Player Points (FPP). A loyalty program. Gambling platform clients obtain points for their activity on the website or the app. Rewards include extra bonuses, free tickets, and special offers.

To attract players, online casinos and betting shops carry out various promotions. To stand out among others, you should develop unique offers. This is the way to draw attention to your platform.

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In-game events

As part of this marketing tool, gamblers get a reward for performing certain tasks and a motivation to keep playing.

For instance, casinos invite users to participate in the promotion promising a bonus. However, the reward grows at each game stage. It will be an excellent impetus for supplementing deposits.

To make this approach produce results, you should organize one-of-a-kind and appealing advertising offers. If casinos fail to catch interest, they risk losing clients.

Push notifications

Push notifications mean brief pop-up messages. They can appear on smartphones, tablets, and PCs. They allow distributing advertising information.

Casinos use push notifications to remind customers of gambling entertainments they have enjoyed previously. They also share information that can be interesting to current or potential clients (e.g. about coming promotions, discounts, website updates). To gain a response, messages should not look like spam.

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CRM systems

CRM systems are a software solution designed to improve the customer interaction. Due to them, companies collect and explore consumer data and information about interrelation with them. Therefore, operators can be aware of user interests.

CRM systems allow the gambling sector to classify gamblers in terms of their expenses and preferences. Such services help to find out how much time users spend on games of chance, what bets they place, how much they win and/or lose. Investigating this information, casinos create individual offers for each user. A customized approach can engage, retain, and return players leaving the platform.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most fruitful ways of website promotion. A casino acts as an advertiser here. Gambling platforms provide webmasters with unique links posted on affiliate websites. Users click on them, enter the customer’s resource, and conduct some actions there (signing up, deposit refilling). Thus, partners receive a money reward.

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Affiliate programs are a type of cooperation between advertisers and webmasters. Applying them, casinos get the following advantages:

  • an increasing number of clients;
  • higher revenues;
  • efficient expenditures. Advertisers pay to partners only for the result – traffic generation;
  • better brand awareness among the Internet community. With casino ads being published on various websites, the popularity of the gambling resource grows;
  • outcome control. Having their own affiliate program, casinos can independently monitor the platform popularity on other websites. Besides, they can define what kinds of advertising materials are more attractive to users.


Online casino promotion and website traffic generation are a complicated but realistic work. To gain the desired results, you should use several marketing tools at once. Develop unique offers, cooperate with affiliates, listen to player interests and preferences, and splurge on bonuses in order to win users’ confidence and increase the amount of clients.

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