How to Promote Your Brand Using CPA Networks: Presentation by Roman Manuylov, Alfaleads

How to Promote Your Brand Using CPA Networks: Presentation by Roman Manuylov, Alfaleads

How to increase traffic using CPA networks? How to promote your brand not wasting the budget in vain?

On October 18, the Chief Marketing and PR Officer of Alfaleads Roman Manuylov will give insights into these questions at Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference. He will deliver a presentation titled “How to get the maximum of quality traffic and save money when promoting the product through affiliate networks”.

Key points:

  • cases of offers promotion through events;
  • webmasters: tools for improvement of the traffic quality and resources for learning;
  • how affiliate networks function and how do they earn money.

Guests of the event will have a chance to ask the expert questions about approaches to gambling offers, analytics, Google and Facebook moderation, cloaking, APK, and PWA apps. Issues covered by the speaker will be interesting to both seasoned and newbie arbitrage specialists.

Roman Manuylov is a marketing expert. He has been working in this field for 9 years. He got himself involved in arbitrage 6 years ago when he started working with CPI.

Previously, the speaker worked as a PR director at Snaappy LLC (a multimedia platform and messenger) and a project head manager at Adcombo CPA network. His favorite tools are classic PR, viral promotion, basic principles of marketing adapted to the realities of the market you have to work with, and multi-stage sales funnels.

Today Roman is a Chief Marketing and PR Officer of Alfaleads. It is an international CPA network with such focus areas as gambling, dating, sweepstakes, and adult. Besides,Alfaleadsoffers a comprehensive MBA (Master of Benchmark Attribution) course intended for top arbitrage specialists and leaders of media buying teams. The course embraces an in-depth training of how to work with foreign gambling offers.

More information about the participants of the event is available here ►►►

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