Affiliate Marketing as Efficient Method of Online Casino Promotion and Earnings

Affiliate Marketing as Efficient Method of Online Casino Promotion and Earnings

Affiliate Marketing as Efficient Method of Online Casino Promotion and Earnings

The main goal of online casinos, like any other virtual business, is to attract customers to their platforms. In the context of severe competition, gambling venues apply various tools for promoting their resources. One of the most efficient ways is affiliate marketing. Such a method is rather expensive and is implemented by webmasters. The article explains what affiliate marketing means and how it help to generate traffic.

What is affiliate marketing? Basic definition

Affiliate marketing is a method of online business promotion. It is conducted by webmasters: partners of an advertiser providing certain services or selling goods on the Web. They place a unique link to the other platform on their online resource. When users follow this link and perform a specific action on the customer’s portal (register or top up a deposit), the affiliate receives a money reward.

A format of business cooperation between suppliers of products and/or services and users promoting them is called an affiliate program. Currently, affiliate marketing allows to drive traffic to different online platforms, including online casinos.

There are three types of affiliate websites:

  • directly participating in the affiliate program;
  • entering affiliate networks. The latter serves as an intermediary between an advertiser and affiliates;
  • alluring customers on their terms.

Collaboration of parties as part of affiliate programs has the following concept. A gambling platform agrees upon cooperation with owners of specialized portals, blogs, or YouTube channels. The customer provides the webmaster with required promotional materials and unique links for potential gambling clients. The partner publishes them on his/her resources. Then, the affiliate obtains income if users click on his/her link and carry out some actions on the advertiser’s resource.

Key advantages of affiliate marketing

Both parties gain advantage within the advertiser-partner collaboration.

Customers, online casino owners, can enjoy the following affiliate marketing benefits:

  • traffic acquisition and revenue increase;
  • efficient expenditures. Casinos pay money only for the result – traffic generation;
  • possibility to control the efficiency of marketing. Gambling venues can define how fruitful webmasters work. It allows to compare investments and income;
  • building of brand awareness and enhancement of online presence. Due to ad placement on high-profile specialized resources, casinos improve their reputation and become more popular.

Affiliate program benefits for webmasters:

  • high revenues. Earnings can amount to thousands of dollars;
  • no need to develop their own advertising concept. Banners, articles, key words, and other materials are provided by the advertiser;
  • passive income. Even when you relax, users follow your link and become casino clients, increasing your profit;
  • remote work. To cooperate with the affiliate program, one just requires a computer or a smartphone connected to the Internet. Therefore, affiliate activity is available from around the world.

Earnings of online casino partners

Affiliate programs offer webmasters three collaboration models:

  • Revenue Share. Casinos provide affiliates with a percent of revenues obtained by the gambling venue for customer attraction. In other words, a part of the sum lost by gamblers is given to affiliates;
  • CPA. Advertisers pay a pre-arranged fixed sum to webmasters for each new player;
  • Hybrid model. It combines two previous patterns. Partners receive money for each new client and a fee of gambling platform’s income.

advertisers offer participation in the multilevel affiliate program. In this case, webmasters can invite other affiliates to the program. In turn, they obtain referral bonuses to their accounts.

Where to find partners?

The more affiliates advertisers involve, the higher probability of getting new customers to their online platform. Besides, it is significant to be preferential while choosing webmasters.

Partners regularly generating traffic can be found by placing information about the affiliate program on gambling online resources. Another successful method is participation in specialized events bringing together iGaming market insiders from various countries.

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